• FORECAST: Scattered showers

    By: Nick Allard

    • Scattered showers 
    • Some sunbreaks
    • More rain tomorrow

    Happy Monday!  A few showers are still moving through this afternoon with snow in the mountains. The lowlands will see fewer showers as the day goes on, but we'll still keep some showers going in the mountains. We've had 8-9" so far for the passes in 24 hours and will see a few more inches today.  Overall look for gusty conditions, scattered showers and highs in the mid-40s.  A few ice pellet showers wouldn't be out of the question.

    Tomorrow another system will move in for lots of snow in the mountains and plenty of rain for the lowlands. It also looks gusty to breezy, with stronger wind over the north interior and the coast.

    Look for more widespread showers on Wednesday and then scattered showers on Thursday. The snow level could come down to about 1,000' on Friday but there won't be much moisture left. Still worth watching as we head into the rest of the week.  

    Into the weekend we'll see rain turning to showers on Saturday and rain again on Sunday.

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